Director of the National Anticorruption Center 

Appointed by the Decision of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova no. 104 of July 31, 2019


Special rank

Major General

Qualification category

Superior category specialist

Professional experience

Ø  2001 - 2002    Inspector of the Financial Guard, State Fiscal Inspectorate,  Edineț district

Ø  2002 - 2006    Inspector, Center for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption (CCCEC) 

Ø  2006 - 2008    Counselor to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova 

Ø  2008 - 2009    Chief State Counselor to the Prime Minister 

Ø  2009 - 2010    Head of the Director`s Office, CCECC 

Ø  2010 - 2014    Head of the Special Investigations Directorate, CCCEC,

     lecturer, Cooperative - Commercial University of Moldova, Faculty of Management and Law, Department of Law and Customs Activity

Ø  2014 - 2016    Head of the Territorial Directorate "Center", National Anticorruption Center

Ø  2016 - 2019    Secretary General, Administration of the President of the Republic of Moldova

Education and training

Ø  1995 - 1997    The Republican Police College of Moldova 

Ø  1997 - 2001    Faculty of Legal Sciences, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" Police Academy, Bucharest, Romania 

Ø  2009 - 2012    Faculty of economic sciences, Cooperative - Commercial University of Moldova 

Ø  2004 - 2007    master's degree in public administration, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Moldova

Foreign languages

Ø  Russian - advanced                         

Ø  English - medium                          

Ø  French - medium


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