A young man from Glodeni was detained, after allegedly claiming that he can manipulate the database of the Border police and the Customs Service
02.03.2021 141 Views  

A man from Glodeni has been detained and is being investigated by the officers of the General Territorial Directorate North of the NAC for influence peddling, within two criminal cases. He is suspected of having promised, in two cases, that he allegedly had influence on the employees of the Border Police and the Customs Service and that he could determine them to introduce false information in the registers of recording the cars’ entry and exit from the country.

According to the whistleblower, the suspect would have promised to convince the officials from the two institutions to introduce false information in the register of entry and exit of the means of transport regarding the two cars. In exchange for 520 euros in every case, the suspect allegedly promised that information about the cars, with Lithuanian registration numbers, brought to the Republic of Moldova in 2018, would be deleted from the register or it would be mentioned that the cars had left the territory of the country, because according to the legislation, the cars with the foreign registration numbers have the right to be on the territory of the Republic of Moldova not more than 180 days.

This morning, in the parking lot of one of the shopping centers in Balti, the officers of the GTD North detained the suspect and placed him in the Detention Center for 72 hours. If found guilty, he faces up to 5 years in prison or a criminal fine from 2000 to 3000 conventional units.

We remind, that every person is presumed to be innocent until the final and irrevocable decision of the court is pronounced.

The Anticorruption Prosecution, Office North, is conducting the criminal investigation.


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