Several people detained for corruption, influence peddling to get Romanian citizenship
03.03.2021 274 Views  

Economic agents, natural and public persons, notaries and other intermediaries from Moldova and Romania are being investigated in a scheme for corruption and influence peddling after they helped several Moldovans in exchange for money regain Romanian citizenship. These include: speeding up issuing documents of identity and of civil status, birth certificates, issuing power of attorney for third parties. The amounts claimed for the documents have ranged from 50 to 5,000 euros.

According to the materials of investigation, the suspects allegedly used different platforms to carry out their illegal actions. They are, or, specialized platforms to facilitate the procedures of completing documents and of scheduling at different public institutions. Using these websites, the members of the scheme could undertake actions of manipulating information, out-of-line scheduling, taking the oath without a person (during the pandemic), obtaining certificates in restricted terms etc. All these actions have generated illicit income for the members of the scheme, as the services were provided for additional amounts.

On Tuesday, the NAC officers and prosecutors searched the homes and offices of individuals targeted in the scheme, and three of them were escorted to the NAC and detained for 72 hours. These are people who manage the activity of some companies in the Republic of Moldova, specialized in providing assistance in completing different types of acts.  

Several criminal cases have been initiated against those 3 persons for influence peddling and passive corruption. If found guilty, they risk up to 10 years in prison.

The Anticorruption Prosecution Office is conducting the criminal investigation.


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